Unlocking People's Potential

Get a competitive edge in an era of people transformation

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We help our customers...

Better understand their people
to take actions on critical business challenges
and measure their impacts...

Our Approach


People & Relational Analytics

We use state of the art Organisational Network Analysis, AI Graph algorithms and advanced analytical techniques to help uncover the backbone of your business: Your people and their networks.


Collaboration & Coaching

We accompany our customers at every step of the process. We believe that a coaching and collaborative approach is better suited than typical consulting services. Our customers are active participants in the journey. 


Self-Serve Platform

All your analytics are available 24/7 in our interactive Web platform. You are able to perform your own analysis and discover new insights. Privacy, security and flexibility are the cornerstones of our development approach. You decide who access what. 

We live in an era of immense transformation where new technologies and disruptive business models emerge at an ever increasing pace. At the same time, the key resource for company success is still largely misunderstood: Its People


What is Organisational Network Analysis ?

Organisational Network Analysis (ONA) provides a structured way to visualise and analyse the relationships between employees.

We all know how important networking is

People we go to for information
People we collaborate with 
People we trust

This is a big part of what makes employees successful at work.

ONA is about understanding these important relationships. 

It help us understand

Who are the informal influencers?
Who are building bridges between silos?
Who are more isolated?
Who have collaboration overload or are bottlenecks
Who are part of informal communities?… 

It’s like removing a blindfold and seeing how our business truly works for the first time.

Which business challenges?

Our approach can help you understand and address a multitude of business challenges. Below are a few examples...


Hidden Talents

Who are our hidden talents and subject experts? Who are our future potential leaders?


Diversity & Inclusion

How can we measure and increase the impact of our diversity & inclusion initiatives? Do all diversity groups have access to key resources in the organization?


Influencers & Change Management

Who are the key influencers in your organization? How can they help facilitate change management?


Ressources at Risk

Who are the employees at risk for burnout or attrition. How can we prevent them from leaving?


Collaboration & Knowledge diffusion

How dificult is it to access knowledgable ressources? How can we optimise our organisation to facilitate and enhance knowledge exchange, innovation and collaboration?


Mergers & Aquisitions

How different are the people between the two organisations? Who can help facilitate the transition? How can we monitor and measure the integration between the merged firms?



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