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I founded Edgius after 25 years in the field of analytics, AI & decision-making with the goal to help organizations build their Analytics-Driven Decision-Making Culture.

About Edgius

Bringing back elephants in the wild

Our Vision:

Empower organizations to Build Analytics-Driven Decision-Making Culture

Our Mission:
To help organizations fulfill their vision & become more innovative, productive & adaptative by improving analytics & decision making through:

  • people’s upskilling & empowerment
  • leveraging people's network & collective intelligence
  • sciences & technologies

Our Values:
  • Being open-minded & fostering critical thinking
  • Seeking diverse perspectives & being inclusive by action
  • Having an entrepreneurial mindset & getting out of our comfort zone
  • Always learning & always reinventing ourselves
  • Focusing on what makes a difference & doing what we say

We believe that...

better decisions & democratization of analytics are important vectors of success.
people & organizations have the capacity to adapt, change & evolve.
people's diversity & shock of ideas are a competitive advantage.
technology & AI are powerful tools to help humans.

win-win scenarios create virtuous circles.

Virtuous Circle One: Helping Customers

  • To build an analytics-driven decision-making culture with solutions that are practical, impactful, and insightful.
  • By benefiting from our collaborator's network expertise.
  • By participating in the "Analytics for All" program. This is a great way to share & strengthen new analytics & decision-making skills while giving back to a nonprofit organization.

Virtuous Circle Two: Helping Collaborators

  • With Edgius analytics-driven solutions to enhance their own services
  • Together we bring new innovative solutions to our customers
  • Collaborators can also participate in the "Analytics for All" program and receive great feedback while helping organizations in need.

Virtuous Circle Three: Helping Nonprofit

  • Our "Analytics for All" program provides coaching & expertise to nonprofit organizations.
  • Combined with Edgius technology partners programs like Alteryx for Good & Microsoft for Nonprofits, we help them become more efficient and focused on their vision.
  • Our customers & collaborators are welcome to participate.
  • This in turn helps us build better services for our customers.