Analytics-Maker Foundation

Analytics Framework

The analytics framework focus on foundational Power Skills like critical thinking, problem-solving, collaborative network, storytelling& more
Explorer Mindset

Explorer Mindset

  • What’s in it for me: The elephants in the room principle
  • The Explorer guide:
    • Bringing value at every stage of the journey
  • The power of open-mindedness
THE Tool

THE Tool

  • Your brain: A user manual
    • Reference frames & Your many brains
    • System 1 & 2
    • Maintenance guide to your brain
  • The Analyst Minefield:
    • Cognitive Biases
    • Logical Fallacies
    • Noise
Questioning the Question

Questioning the Question

  • It’s our responsibility to get to the true question to analyze the right problem
  • The art of questioning: Asking the right questions & Listening for answers
  • Tools to get to the source
  • Using the Explorer Mindset to continuously validate & reframe
The Problem with Problems

The Problem with Problems

  • Not all problems are created equal: Class of problems, unknown unknowns & what can be solved
  • Introduction to model thinking
  • Problem-solving tools & traps
  • Problem-solving post-pandemic
Going outside the spreadsheet box

Going outside the spreadsheet box

  • The people behind the data
  • The importance of people connections:
    • Your Egonet map
    • The many organization networks
    • Building an efficient network
  • Collective Intelligence
    • Diversity & Psychological Safety
    • Collaborative problem solving
With Great Power...

With Great Power...

  • Data & models: Quality, Security & Privacy, Validation, Evolution & Methodology
  • Ethics: Human and machine bias & The lost art of being humble
  • Looking forward & forward-looking
    • AI, Mathematics & Arts
    • Neuroscience & Quantum Computing
    • The future of work
Get it all out

Get it all out

  • This is not a PowerPoint training
    • Empathy & your audience
    • The envelope & the substance
  • Visualization: Clarify vs Simplify
  • The Insight Whisperer:
    • Leverage your own style of communication
    • Storytelling your way
Learning to learn

Learning to learn

  • Continuous learning: I am way too busy for that!
    • Back to the elephants in the room principle
    • Let it Flow, Let it Flow, Let it Flow
  • Shake that feed: Going outside algorithmic information feeding
  • Want to learn something, teach it: the importance of actions to learn

Technology Framework

The Technology Framework leverage solutions that are approachable by all, with an easy learning curve, and don’t require coding experience. It is rooted in practical know-how & concrete business challenges.



  • The Explorer Mindset in practice
  • A new way to work: Switching from Excel mode to flow mode
  • Efficient methods for working with large & big data
  • The challenges of connecting various data sources


  • Mindshift in how to transform & manipulate data
  • The challenges of working with real data:
    • Data quality
    • Managing complexity
    • Transforming from raw data
  • Introduction to Geospatial analysis


  • How to modularize & boost productivity
  • Collaboration & sharing: the key to helping you optimize
  • Multiply efficiency with macros
  • Combining Alteryx, databases & visualization/BI tools


  • Effective techniques to automate repetitive work
  • Understand and leverage advanced macros
  • Build your self-service application
  • How to maximize analytic process automation

For automation & productivity increase, we use Alteryx solution to enable analysts with any technical skill level.

For visualization, we use your standard reporting & BI Dashboard tools like: Tableau, Power Bi, Looker, Domo, Excel…