Decision-Maker Foundation

Decision Framework

The objective of this foundation program is to change the mindset about decision-making with analytics, increase competencies & leverage the Collective Intelligence of your organization.

Decision Mindshift

Decision Mindshift

  • What’s in it for me: The elephants in the room principle
  • The Explorer Approach for decision-makers:
    • Bringing benefits at every stage of the journey
  • Analytics-Driven Decision-Making Mindshift
THE Tool

THE Tool

  • Your brain: A user manual
    • Reference frames & Your many brains
    • System 1 & 2
    • Maintenance guide to your brain
  • The Analyst Minefield:
    • Cognitive Biases
    • Logical Fallacies
    • Noise
Questions & Problems

Questions & Problems

  • Reframing the decision toolbox: Insights, prediction & causality 
  • Going to the root of the question, a dialog with analytics-makers
  • Problems Solving: What can be solved & Decision-making under uncertainty
  • Decisions post-pandemic
Beyond the data

Beyond the data

  • The people behind the data
  • Understand the importance of people connections:
    • Your Egonet map
    • The many organization networks
  • Leverage the Collective Intelligence
    • Diversity & Psychological Safety
    • Collaborative problem solving