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Network Analytics

  • We use Organizational Network Analysis, AI Graph algorithms, and advanced analytical techniques to help uncover the backbone of your organization: Your people and their informal networks.
  • We accompany our customers at every step of the process. Our customers are active participants in the journey. We help you answer questions like:
    • Who are our hidden talents and subject experts? Who are our future potential leaders?
    • How can we measure and increase the impact of our diversity, equity & inclusion initiatives? Do all diversity groups have access to key resources in the organization?
    • Who are the key influencers in your organization? How can they help facilitate change management?
    • Who are the employees at risk for burnout or attrition? How can we prevent them from leaving?
    • How difficult is it to access knowledgeable resources? How can we optimize our organization to facilitate and enhance knowledge exchange, innovation, and collaboration in a hybrid work environment?
  • All your analytics are available 24/7 in our interactive Web platform. You are able to perform your own analysis and discover new insights. Privacy, security and flexibility are the cornerstones of our development approach

Are you ready to remove the blindfold?

People Network is your organization “Secret Sauce”

What is Organizational Network Analysis?

A simple network example

Dots represent people
- Lines represents collaborations
- Colors represents departments


Paul & Helen are well connected and together they are able to reach almost everyone. 

Bridges & Hubs

But Paul & Helen have a different type of network:

Helen is what we call a Hub. She act as the glue within a department.

Paul is a Bridge. He connect people from different departments.

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Isolation & Bottlenecks

A network analysis can also help us identified people that are more isolated like Kevin & Lisa.

We can also identify who are potential bottleneck like Paul.

Silos, Diversity & Inclusion

We can detect macro network structure like the how much siloed an organization is. In this example, it is highly siloed. 

We can measure how diverse and inclusive the entire organization, a department or a person is. 

And much more

It's like removing a blindfold and seeing how your organization work for the first time


Going beneath the surface

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This is a collaboration network of 1300 People!

Again in this network:
  • Dots represent people
  • Lines represent collaborations
  • Colors represent departments

But now it's really hard to see the Influencers, Hubs, Bridges, Silos...

From Network to Insights

We transform complex network information into meaningful business insights

Metrics Example: Department Level

Comparing Network Metrics by Department

Influence Index


Global Average

Diversity Index


Global Average

How do we perform an ONA?

We can perform an Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) in two different ways.

First, we can do an active analysis to ask specific network questions like who do you collaborate with, who are you going to solve problems, who gives you energy when you work with them? and many more.

We can also perform a passive analysis leveraging data in your collaboration platforms. This can be done dynamically or in batch. We have connectors for Microsoft 365 (email, calendar & Teams), Google Workspace, Slack...

3 simple steps for an active ONA


Set Up

With the customer, we define the scope of the analysis and what will be measured We collect all the data needed to perform the analysis including the participant's details & the list of people they can network with


Participants identify who they interact with and how they collaborate with each other. Depending on the project focus, multiple network questions can be asked. Participants need approximately 5-10 minutes to complete the survey.


Leveraging advanced organizational network analysis techniques, we perform an extensive analysis of the results The results are shared via our web platform. Joint exploration session to highlight the insights

Edgius Platform: You are in control

All your analytics are available 24/7 in our interactive Web platform
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Solution Platform

Survey Tool

Manage the questionnaires to gather network information

Edgius Graph Engine

Algorithms & processes to transform network information into meaningful business insights

Insights Visualization

Leveraging Microsoft Power BI to provide access to dynamic business insights

Access, Security & Privacy

Enterprise-grade security powered by Microsoft Azure
Privacy flexibility: From open to fully anonymized based on customer’s need
Full access to all data. With an option to host the data in the customer infrastructure

Going Beyond

Edgius works in collaboration with a network of experts in multiple organizational fields. Combining Edgius expertise in ONA, coaching & technology with our partner’s specialties, we bring new innovative solutions to our customers: 
  • Organizational Design
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Change Management
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Human Resources
  • ...